Blackburn & Son Games

Blackburn & Son Games is an indie game team, made up of a man and his son, creating games they think are fun and enjoy creating together.

Take a look at some of the games we are working on below.

CoCo Tag

Help CoCo catch as many yummy marshmallows as possible in this simple yet fun family game.

The first version of CoCo Tag is almost ready! You can play a web based demo of the game here:

Web Demo

We are looking for beta testers for the iPhone, iPad, and Android versions. If you are willing to test out the game for us on one of these platforms please let us know.

Super Turbo Bowling

Super Turbo Bowling is our most recent project. It features Al the Robot running around trying to knock down pins while Martin The Martian shoots lasers at him and Al's half-brother Rom (he's half RObot half Martian) runs around and tries to block Al's bowling ball. It also includes special floor boards and moving gutter lanes as obstacles.

Concept Art